Black Belt Seduction ‘Crash Course’

Black Belt Seduction ‘Crash Course’

Black Belt Seduction Crash Course


Title: Black Belt Seduction: Crash Course

Type: Promotional eBook

Word count: 15,000

Subject: Outlines and answers the most common attraction and seduction related questions in a clear, accessible way

The Problem

Since the publication of Neil Strauss’ book The Game in 2005, there has been a veritable slew of books, eBooks, courses, videos and audio courses produced on the subject of attracting women and ‘seducing’ them. I’ve contributed to the mountain of information with at least 400,000 words and countless hours of spoken word recordings. The problem, though, is that for a man who wants to learn about the subject of ‘picking up women’, who knows next to nothing about the correct principles and procedures, finding square one to start from is almost impossible. He has to plump for a certain author or creator and hope he’s led in the right direction and fed the correct answers to his most pressing questions. This can go one of a few ways, two of which are: after considerable multi-source reading he gets the answers he needs, or he receives contradictory, confusing information which sends him down the wrong educational path.

My Solution

I produced a ‘crash course’ PDF of medium-length that clearly and concisely gave answers to the questions most men have on the subject of attracting and dating women. The questions were collected from email correspondence archives, forum posts and experience and then put into a logical order and answered.

The design of the PDF was considered as much as the written contents. I wanted it to feel and function like a self-contained pack of precious knowledge. The cover design was made to look grimy and ‘underground’ and the contents page laid out the 20 questions in a bold, powerful way. To make the PDF function as much as possible like a quick-reference guide, I made it interactive. Each question listed on the contents page linked directly to the page in the eBook that contained its answer and at the bottom of every page were extra navigation controls (return to the index, or skip back/forward one question).

Black Belt Seduction Crash Course

Black Belt Seduction Crash Course











Your first goal when it comes to tactility is letting the woman know that you are a naturally tactile person. You aren’t a groper, you’re just comfortable with mutual physical touching. By establishing this fact from the outset, you’ll be able to transition into frequent instances of tactility without it seeming like a sudden shock to the woman. If you go from no touching to suddenly resting your hand on the woman’s knee, it will feel intense and forced, like you’ve spontaneously decided to get things moving. You obviously don’t want this.

In Summary

I think the thing that works best about this PDF is that it looks and reads like a complete package–a solid introduction to the subject it covers. It also does its business job of promoting the main product (Black Belt Seduction) by showing that the company releases great information in high-quality formats.



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