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For years I’ve functioned as a one-man solution to producing incredibly creative, interesting, marketable information products.

I say ‘producing’ instead of ‘writing’, because I do more than simply translate ideas into sentences and paragraphs. I’m able to take care of every part of an information product’s creation, including its branding and design, the written content, original diagrams and illustrations and even its final production as a sellable PDF.

I have produced:

  • Full-length eBooks (5,000-70,000+ words) on a wide-range range of topics.
  • Countless promotional articles (400-900+ words) on a myriad of subjects to promote sites and information products.
  • Scripts for full-length audiobooks.
  • Website content that is fresh, interesting and keyword rich.
  • Newsletters and blog posts.

My specialist areas (on which I’ve written over half a million words) are dating, relationships, attraction & seduction, social psychology and confidence. If you need any kind of content writing on these sorts of topics, I’m the perfect person to hire. (I know what I’m talking about and your readers will be able to tell as much.) My ideas are original, expertly presented and hugely marketable. Please see my portfolio to see what I mean.

Despite specializing in the areas listed above, I can also turn my hand to topics on which I’m not an expert. I can research, write and format content for you on almost any topic to produce exactly what you need, be it a 5-page promotional booklet for your gardening business, or a 50-page eBook on how to potty train your child.

Whatever your business is, I’ll put my heart and soul into producing the perfect content for it: expertly written and beautifully presented.

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