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Then and Now

When I was sixteen years old I bluffed my way into professional writing by assuring the Managing Director of an information products company that I could write an amazing eBook on the subject of how to be better in bed. To his surprise (and mine), the book was a success. I continued to write about similarly colourful things until I was twenty-two, when I became bored of inventing pen names based on my favourite film protagonists for ‘information products’ that were, by now, a bit of a cliché.

I took a long break and eventually came back in 2011 under my real name and with a new goal: To explore the curious corners of society and psychology and publish my findings on this blog. Now, happily, these analyses—which have so far tended to focus on primal themes like sex and death—are my full-time job.

I’m always looking for new and intriguing data sources in places nobody has yet thought, dared or cared to look.

To get an idea of where my articles have been talked about, see my press page.

If you think my approach to combining big data journalism with quirky topics might suit your magazine or company, please get in touch.

The more unusual the better.

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