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Press and media coverage

My analyses of the porn industry, escorts, sex toys and the last words of death row inmates have been covered by the press in more than 30 countries, as well as in books, on TV and in academic papers.

My commissioned data-driven PR projects have been picked up by global media outlets including The New York Times, The Times, WIRED, and VICE.

If you’d like to ask me about any of my projects, get in touch.

The Atlantic
Business Insider
Fast Company
Live Science
The Seattle Times
Venture Beat
BuzzFeed News
The Cut
The Drum
Women’s Health Mag
Daily Dot
Irish Examiner
The Frisky
Daily Mail
The Verge
New York
Popular Science
Huffington Post

Books featuring my work

Sex by Numbers - David Spiegelhalter

Sex by Numbers. A book about people’s hidden sex lives, written by David Spiegelhalter, a professor of risk at Cambridge University. Featuring findings from Dirty Words, Deep Inside and Down the Rabbit Hole.

The Book of Circles

The Book of Circles. Manuel Lima takes readers on a lively tour through three hundred examples of circular information design. Featuring the porn star race breakdown visualisation from Deep Inside.

Atlas de L'amour

Atlas de L’Amour (Love Atlas). A visual compendium by Phillipe Thureau-Dangin of over one hundred maps, photographs, paintings and illustrations that charts a unique journey through the history of love and sex. Featuring the porn star race breakdown visualisation from Deep Inside.

Objects of Desire

Objects of Desire. The world of erotic product design is revealed by Rita Catinella Orrell Page in this curated showcase of over 100 beautifully crafted objects and the creative minds behind them. Featuring the sex toy circle from Down the Rabbit Hole.

Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Coming Out Like a Porn Star shares intimate personal stories of porn performers “coming out” to family, friends, partners, lovers, and their communities. Porn producer, director and editor Edward Lapple mentions Deep Inside when discussing the challenge of choosing a stage name.

The Ape that Understood the Universe

The Ape that Understood the Universe. A comprehensive and highly entertaining sweep of every important facet of evolutionary psychology, including a bit on porn preferences that references Deep Inside and the popularity of milf porn.

TV and Radio

Action 2 News Coverage of Drugs on Campus

National Geographic's The Big Picture, adapted from Busted: Analyzing America's Most Recent Drug Hauls

SourceFed video about 'Deep Inside'

Academic papers and books that reference my research

Journal of Sex Research (2019)Loving Oneself: The Associations Among Sexually Explicit Media, Body Image, and Perceived Realism.

Youth and Internet Pornography (2019). The Impact and Influence on Adolescent Development.

Deviant Behavior (2018). Becoming a Client: The Socialization of Novice Buyers of Sexual Services.

The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium (2018). Putting the “Sex” into “Sexuality”: Understanding Online Pornography using an Evolutionary Framework.

Internet Infidelty (2018). Technology and Virtual Sex: Online Infidelity in the US.

Journal of Porn Studies (2018). Racial dodging in the porn industry: a case with no silver bullet.

Journal of Media Psychology (2018). Porn, Peers, and Performing Oral Sex: The Mediating Role of Peer Norms on Pornography’s Influence Regarding Oral Sex.

Journal of Tourism Futures (2017). Ping pong in Phuket: the intersections of tourism, porn and the future.

The Oxford Handbook of Women and Competition (2017). Moderation of Female–Female Competition for Matings by Competitors’ Age and Parity.

Capital Punishment: New Perspectives (2016). The Greater Stigma? Family Visits to the Condemned.

Frontiers in Psychology (2016). Age, Health and Attractiveness Perception of Virtual (Rendered) Human Hair.

Thesis (2016). Exploring the Concerns of First-Time Buyers of Sexual Services.

Thesis (2014)Red hair in popular culture and the relationship with anxiety and depression.

Press coverage for commissioned work

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