The Trinity Blueprint

The Trinity Blueprint

The Trinity Blueprint


Title: The Trinity Blueprint

Type: eBook

Word count: 21,000

Subject: An advanced, multi-tier system for users of N.P.E. techniques to increase their gains by the intelligent selection of routines and exercise types

The Problem

Spam has a king of subjects: penis enlargement. This topic pervades inboxes on a worldwide scale with promises of extra inches for the most meagre levels of investment; just a few minutes of work a day is enough, they say. And all for the low, low price of–whatever. They’re scams, praying on male insecurity with false promises of overnight, usually biologically impossible, success. However, the subject of ‘natural penis enlargement’, as it’s known by its practitioners, shouldn’t be dismissed outright because of its awful reputation, or because of how absurdly seedy it sounds. Tens of thousands of men worldwide dedicate hours each week to the pursuit of natural ‘gains’ down below, both online (discussing techniques and exercises routines with other men), and offline (carrying out their chosen routines and the sets and reps they entail). And you know what? The subject may be steeped in bullshit, but it’s not made of it. Gains are possible. Inches of extra length and girth are rare, but extra centimetres, increased erection hardness and an overall improvement to sexual function are surprisingly common.

Like a lot of body-improvement subjects, N.P.E. suffered from the ‘Which path is the right one for me?’ problem. Men weren’t sure which routine to use or when to switch from one routine to another. They weren’t even clear on which exercises they should and shouldn’t include in their bi- or tri-weekly workouts. Clearly this uncertainty acted as an impediment to their achieving success in the form of gains in size.

My Solution

I knew the world of N.P.E. inside out, so used my knowledge to create a system that intelligently devised routines for the user based on their on-going level of progress. It was called The Trinity Blueprint, because it aimed to give its male users three distinct advantages over any other method: they’d experience more gains, more easily and at a faster rate than ever before.

The Trinity Blueprint
The number one cause of failure when using N.P.E. techniques is a lack of consistency. Men stop using the exercises because they fail to see gains as immediately as they’d hope for or expect. For this reason, I made the methodology in the book purposefully intricate. I needed the user to stick it out, so to speak, and not give up prematurely. The way it worked was as follows: there were 9 different routines spread across 3 levels (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary). The user began on a default routine and then, a set amount of time later, used the routine selection system to deduce what routine, if any, he should switch to using next to ensure he continued to make gains at his maximum potential rate. Put another way, the bank of routines and the routine selection system worked in tandem a bit like a personal trainer might, watching the user’s progress and recommended a change of routine when progress stalled or wasn’t occurring. The result of this method was that the user would never persist with a routine for weeks or months unproductively, when their time could be better spent using a workout regime that was more aptly suited to their body’s needs.


Trinity Blueprint


In Summary

This eBook was marketed with a high price tag, so it was essential that its contents and level of quality justified the cost. I think it did; most eBooks on this topic don’t have very good ‘production values’, to say the least, so The Trinity Blueprint scored points right off the bat in that department. Its principle also stood out to readers as being novel and worth a try: it gave their approach to N.P.E. the structure and direction needed to guarantee the maximum chance of success.

The Trinity Blueprint



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