Black & White Volumes 1 & 2

Black & White Volumes 1 & 2

Black and White


Title: Black & White Volumes 1 and 2

Type: Supplementary eBooks

Word count: 10,000 & 8,000

Subject: Both volumes teach the male reader how to embed certain beliefs, principles and traits into his psyche so that instead of just looking like a sexually attractive, confident, capable man, he actually feels like and is one

The Problem

Books are fantastic learning tools, but the degree of influence they can have on a person’s self-improvement is often limited by the fact that when they read a helpful text, they’re not actually doing the things detailed in it, they’re merely reading about the need to do them. In other words, it’s not until a person turns text into experience that they truly become bettered by the work. The self-improvement subject of attraction and seduction suffers greatly from this phenomena, because doing a lot of the advised tasks contained in the books is so daunting; men choose to read, read and read some more, instead of putting their new knowledge into practice and assimilating the resulting social experiences into their personalties. This leaves them no better off than before they read the book, which is neither a success for them or the author.

My Solution

Black & White was my attempt to write words that would guide the male readers into understanding how they could actually become the type of person they want and need to be to attract members of the opposite sex, as opposed to just sometimes vaguely appearing like the suave, charming, witty man every woman wants in her life.

The title of the two-volume eBook represented the two sides of a man’s self: the inner (his internal dialogue, sense of self worth, the ‘real’ him) and the outer (his outward appearance, body language, the ‘public’ him). Through metaphors, tasks and detailed explanations that attempted to sieve out counter-productive ways of thinking about himself and his place in the dating game, the reader was coached into aligning the inner and outer parts of his personality so they no longer clashed or contradicted one another. In essence, Black & White sought to stop the reader from feeling like an actor when he spoke to women and instead feel like the best, most attractive, version of himself.


As you’ve learned, the human mind is necessarily stubborn. Most of the time the things it’s stubborn about are worth being stubborn about and they’re things that we all could easily identify as beliefs that have stuck. Cliff edges are dangerous. Spiders are scary but mostly harmless. It’s possible to be the victim of pickpockets in busy urban areas such as train stations and malls. These are all beliefs that are based on two things: your own experiences and other people’s experiences. It’s impossible for a person to only believe things that he or she has personally had experience with. We each have a finite amount of time to live and experience things, so we use the knowledge of others—which is gained by their experiences—to inform us and our beliefs. It’s almost like we’re living through them. This system works wonderfully most of the time, but it can also let many a bad idea slip through the net into our beliefs and the “truths” section of our brains.

Black & White



The information goes into your head, you consider it, mull it over, look at it from different angles, compare it to stuff you’ve thought about before, then you decide on what the appropriate response to that information is. That’s pretty much how the human brain works. The vast, vast majority of the time, that input-process-output cycle works flawlessly. Your friend throws you a ball, you track the ball in the air with your eyes and use that visual information to formulate and carry out your physical response: catching the ball. But what the hell does that have to do with attracting women? That’s a fair question and its answer couldn’t be simpler. It has everything to do with it. When you talk to a woman, you constantly pour out information about the way you feel and think (input), you show her what you’re made of and, once she’s noticed and considered that information (process), she decides on the way she feels about you and the ways she needs to adjust her behaviour in response to what she’s seen (output). And this works both ways. You output information, the girl inputs it, she processes it and outputs her own information, you input it…and the cycle goes on. As was said just a moment ago, this process works really well in most situations—if it didn’t, you’d be dead by now. But the process also lets us guys down sometimes too. We input information about women, process it and come to the conclusion that we’re at a massive disadvantage in the dating game. Our output is a sense of inadequacy, insecurity or just plain ineptitude. And this outputted behaviour is inputted by women and, well, you know the rest. Our chance of attracting them drops through the floor.

In Summary

I liked the idea of exploring the inner and outer sides of a man’s ‘game’ and was pleased when both volumes of Black & White were well received by the paying subscribers who received them.



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